In Colorado Springs 6,035 above Sea Level

Hey PAH Warriors,

Welcome back! It’s been a while since I have made it out into the world. I am now taking Orenitram (oral) and have since had my Hickmann removed. This next trip is one that I have made a habit of. I like to use reasons to go there such as: my bff, my workshops etc. Truth is that every time I find myself driving into the Springs something magical occurs. My mind is liberated of everyday stressors and I rise to mountain level literally and figuratively. If you have not yet visited Colorado please add it to your bucket list. You will not regret it. But wait, its over 6000 feet above sea level! How will I manage?

That is a very fair question and always one to consider when you have breathing issues. Some research has  suggested taking folic acid reduces breathlessness. It is also advised that you should heavily hydrate due to speedy dehydration in the higher altitudes because you are a mile closer to the sun. However, if you’re on a diuretic this will be a challenge. Prepare your body one week prior to your departure. I also take into consideration that altitude sickness can happen to ANYONE. Symptoms are: extreme headaches, fatigue, nausea and basically feeling like a piece of crap (stinky). In the image below you’ll see that I visited the Garden of the Gods for a level ground hike on the pavement. I make sure to wear tennis or hiking shoes that I am comfortable in. I also bring my medicine, inhaler and water in my backpack. When I have a travel buddy I ask them to carry my pack. But I also use a fanny pack around the waist, it is so much easier that way.

On top of Pikes Peak 14,111 above sea level.

Pikes Peak was unbelievable in so many ways. Did you know that people often hike this mountain in 24 to 48hours.  Wow, talk about fun facts! I personally would love the challenge but PH might slow me down a little, lol! Yes, that was a PH joke, please laugh! I’m pretty sure you can see from the image that my lips are blue. But it does not mean that I was feeling blue. Man, I was on top that day! The drive was scary as hell! Just corner after corner of narrow winding roads covered by an incoming storm. By the time we made it to the top it was sleeting and we were all forced to seek shelter in the gift shop. Hmmmmm? I was also forced to drink hot cocoa and eat mini doughnuts. It was pure torture! When we walked out to the summit my hair was standing straight up as if I had just been electrocuted. Why? Research shows that lightning may be lurking, so take it serious!

Tip:Yes, it was a lot harder to breathe and walk from my vehicle to the gift shop. The air was very thin and I did get a little light headed so please deny you’re sudden urges to sprint across the mountain top.


I am a 36 year old woman traveling this beautiful earth with Pulmonary Hypertension and sharing the experience.

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