Alaskan Adventures Sept 2016

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It took me long enough to tell you all about Alaska, so here we go! I flew out alone, just my pump and I not knowing what to expect when I arrived. My friend Antionette lives in Anchorage, AK., so I planned on spending a few nights at her place. Flying in was so beautiful I didn’t want to shut my window, but all the vampires on board were hissing so I had too. The entire world changed once we were in Alaska and you could see it all around you. It was enormous and breathtaking and I wasn’t even off of the plane.

Alaska from above     

I was supposed to meet my best friend Chris in Seattle (connecting), but he missed his flight. Unfortunately,  I had to go on without him and secure the rental car. The hardest part for me at the airport was pulling a suit case and carrying a bag over my tunneled Hickman line. I didn’t know that the airlines had offices by the luggage corrals and offered courtesy carts so that you don’t have to juggle your disability and your luggage. I got the keys to my car, which turned out to be an egg and zoomed off into Anchorage, AK. After getting showered up and rested Chris’s plane arrived, so me and my buddy Antionette from picked him up and went out for food and drinks.                    IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THE THINGS THAT YOU ENJOY DOING!!                    1st Stop: The Undergarment Room-Chris_Antionette_Sophia(Me)

The next morning we hit the road for 6 hours up to Fairbanks, AK..Doing the most! In order to see the Aurora Borealis, Cheyna Springs and the Ice Museum we had to earn it in miles. The scenery was a treasure, I had a tough time keeping my eyes on the road. It also got very cold about half way there, so much so that we had to stop and buy a sweater because we looked like lost Texans. I was enjoying every bit of not knowing what was ahead of me. How many times in life do we get to experience things like this, pure moments that just captivate us? Look what I found in Fairbanks.

Aurora Ice Museum





The morning after Fairbanks we hit the road again and made a pit stop at Denali National Park hoping to see some wildlife. Instead we hiked to the top of a rock. Yes, I had a lot of trouble breathing but I took my time and brought a pulse ox. I also sat down at the top of the rock so my heart rate could come down before continuing.

Top of the rock at Denali National Park

Ok, we got the fun bug out a little and were headed to a small town known as Talkeetna, AK. We had rented a yurt for the experience and just had to spend a few hours in it at the least before our long drive the next morning.

The Yurt Experience


The yurt was super cool! You must do this once in your life even if it’s in someones back yard. Now we were headed all the way down to Turnagain Arm to see if we could spot some Beluga whales before our final stop in Seward, AK. We didn’t see any whales because at this particular inlet the lunar phases draw back the tide and the inlet is completely drained of ocean water. It’s not until the moon is further away that a wave 1 mile long comes all at once to fill the inlet once again.



Turn Again Arm Inlet headed to Seward, AK.  

The drive to Seward was astounding as expected from Alaska. I was so in love with everything this land revealed, how was I going to bring myself to the understanding that I had to get back on a plane that was going to take me home. Seward, AK. was where we spent the night so that we could leave on a catamaran in the morning that would take us out into Kenai Fjords National Park. This park is mainly accessible by boat and led to the glaciers that are still slowly breaking away. It was a total of 6 hours in the Alaskan Gulf Coast, rolling waves and ice in the wind. What more do you need to remind you that you are ALIVE!!

Sewards backdrop was insane! The sky was reflecting on the water.
Aialik Glacier measures 1 mile long
On the catamaran we saw bald eagles, otters and other people!How to get an egg stuck in the snow.

In conclusion my blog followers, I am forever changed after challenging myself to the visit of a lifetime. I saw a moose, otters, a speck of a bear, a glacier, and happy people! I also got stuck in the snow so when you are in foreign territory do not venture out too far!



I am a 36 year old woman traveling this beautiful earth with Pulmonary Hypertension and sharing the experience.

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