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Hey PAH Warriors,

We’ll shortly after returning from Alaska I remembered that my parents, myself and my hubby were all paid up for a caribbean cruise going to 3 countries. I was sooooooo exhausted from being in the climate extremes of Alaska and bearing the stress if worrying if I had packed enough medicine. But I had a cup of coffee and it was like magic. <Insert glitter effect here>


My hubby first vacay that was not a deployment!!

After 6 deployments I owed it to my husband to show him the beautiful world and remind him of what it feels like to leave it all behind, including your CELL PHONE! My parents are in their 60’s now and don’t really travel much either unless I nag them. So I won this battle and we were off into the blue! Any cruise as you know offers FREE FOOD, come hungry and skinny! Oh my were we in for the surprise of our life when we saw all of the buffets and ice cream machines! Our first stop was going to be Cozumel, Mexico, a lovely place to visit. First our guide took us to the Mayan ruins off the coast of Cozumel.

Kayaking through a Mayan village 

Still in Mexico, we were now about to hike to the hidden river. The water here was spring fed and so completely clear you could see everything growing underneath the kayak as you pedaled by. Once we made it to land on the other end we arrived at the still operating Mayan village where we were greeted with homemade dishes from their hard working community.

My dad and I not swimming in the sink whole. #IVPROBS

We continued ahead on the trail for the cenote, a mayan word for “sink whole.” There was a swinging rope that I plan to revisit once I get the implantable pump under my skin. Tip: I wrapped my pump in a ziplock and then placed it in a waterproof pluck around my neck before getting near any water. I packed an additional pump, batteries and dressing change kit.

Back on the ship and off to our 2nd country which is Belize. This place is struggling and survives primarily off tourism as do many caribbean areas. Education is not free nor is healthcare so you either do or you don’t in this country. We decided to take a city tour that led us to the Belize Zoo 1hr away from the port. Here I was able to pet a Lampir, as seen below.

The Lampir of the land.

I was NOT supposed to touch this animal but I was drawn into his peacefulness and couldn’t help myself. It wasn’t until after I left that I realized I am the foreigner with the bacteria that could upset their ecological balance. Thankfully I had washed my hands! The rum a this gift shop was only $6 a bottle and so I had to support their efforts by buying several. I still haven’t tried it yet but it was a great souvenir. The bus didn’t have a restroom so I was miserable. I didn’t want to drink water so that I wouldn’t have to pee. But as you PH’ers know we have to alleviate our fluid retention ASAP because of our enlarged hearts. Tip: I just peed every chance I got and I sipped on water as opposed to chugging bottles. I also caked on the bug spray so I wouldn’t come home with the mosquito virus of the century. Wear thin long sleeves and pants, baseball cap and tennis.

Belizians for a day

Here we ate the best coconut shrimp of our lives and shopped until we dropped!                                                            Next stop the beautiful Island of Roatan, Honduras.







Tortuga Island turtles weigh over 500 lbs.

Thank you Roatan for all of your talent, hard work, kindness and allowing us to be a part of it for a day. On this Island we rode flying chairs or our private beach where we ordered pina coladas. Then we went on to our kayak ride that ended at Tortuga Island or Turtle Island. The gentlemen there named Antonio let us get in the pool with these gentle creatures and feed them. I even kissed one on the head and then asked Antonio  him if he needed an assistant. After returning to our covered chairs we were able to leisurely enjoy the day. I attempted to get in the ocean waste deep with my husband’s assistance so I could tell a better story when we got home. Here I started to notice a ton of tiny red dots all over my body. I asked the nurses station about it and they said they were bites from sand mosquitos and they would go away in 24 hrs. I didn’t feel sick and had a great appetite so I didn’t worry too much. I just kept on spraying bug spray and drinking water. Tips: ALWAYS bring your extra pump, batteries and dressing kit, ALWAYS! Wear sunblock and drink more water than anything else!

The Island of Roatan experience.


I am a 36 year old woman traveling this beautiful earth with Pulmonary Hypertension and sharing the experience.

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