An easy way to pack up your IV meds.

Hey PAH Warriors,

The last 2 months I have traveled from North Carolina to Alaska then back to Texas. Then I went from Texas to Mexico-Belize-Honduras and then back to Texas. Guess what the vey next day we hit the road to come back home to North Carolina. How do you travel whether for business or pleasure and not have to worry about mixing your cassettes in a sterile environment?

Recently Accrued RX included a short informative medication “How to” that states you can safely pre mix your cassettes as long as you stay with in a 14 day window and are mixing with diluent.* I always remind folks that I am not a doctor. I am only a patient that has lived with PH for 16 years and been on IV therapy over 8yrs. Since this is my second time around I really wanted to make a difference in the lives of others that may be wondering how to make the transition easier.

You may have read in my previous post that I traveled with all of my supplies so that I could mix when I reached my destination. Recently I changed my process to alleviate stress and luggage space. Not to mention the full on interrogation process at the airport. LOL. (I have a new way to get you through this too.) Before leaving to Alaska I mapped all of my mixing days out on a calendar by putting a large X on the days that required a cassette change. DO NOT PASS 7 CASSETTES6 pre mixed Remodulin Cassettes

I totaled 7 days, so I mixed 7 cassettes on the morning before my flight. I packed my Remodulin because it is the most expensive item that Accredo would have to ship in the even that I should get delayed on the other end. Supplies are usually easier to ship and less expensive. If requested Accredo can loan you an additional pump when you are traveling outside the continental U.S.Here is a break down list of the other items I packed for my IV therapy:

  • Remodulin(Keep it cool and sealed)//Batteries//Dressing Change Kits//Aqua guards//Transpore tape 2″//Extension tubing for every cass. change(7)//Q site adapter w/green tip// Additional pump//Zip Lock bag for my pump

How to get through the airport with privacy when you are disabled. After going through 6 airport security gates in less than a month I must admit that I was a little offended at times. It had nothing to do with not understanding national security or respecting the lives of the passengers that I was traveling with. It was the process. For instance I told the 1st TSA rep. “I have a pump attached to my chest that keeps me alive” then the next representative would raise their voice in panic saying ” Mam your pouch please, you need to remove that pouch!” I had to go through the X-Ray machine twice and the pat down twice because the TSA rep’s had never seen a patient on IV therapy before. After this I decided to ask the TSA supervisor about privacy for patients like me. I figured a private pat down would benefit both of us because they could take their time with us and not leave us standing for so long in front of hundreds of people pushing and shoving. He apologized and mentioned a new program T.S.A Cares that allows you to register on-line before arriving to the airport so that the TSA representative know to expect you and can better assist. WOW! This is perfect for all disabled folks! Here is the info.:

Transportation Security Administration CARES: 855-787-2227 Mon.-Fri. 8am to 11pm Weekends 9am-8pm

Any questions fires away and good luck on your future travels!


I am a 36 year old woman traveling this beautiful earth with Pulmonary Hypertension and sharing the experience.

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