Smoky Mountain Adventures

Hey PAH Warriors,

The Smoky Mountains are named after all of the ashy clouds that roll through its ridges. The mountains are home to the Blue Ridge Parkway and a ton of beautiful waterfalls that people travel from all over to see. I am trying to see as many as I can but each one presents it’s challenges. There are some waterfall trails that have long walks, steep hikes or tons of steps. I remember arriving at Mingo Falls in Cherokee, NC and looking up at the steep stair climb and thinking, “oh my goodness I am going to use all of my energy just getting to the top.” Have you ever felt this way? Pulling over to the far right or the slow lane has always been a relief, similar to when we are driving on the highway. What I used to think would be embarrassing or annoying for the line behind me has become a very rewarding journey. What I tend to find is that we are not as alone as we may feel at the very beginning of our diagnoses.

Remember PAH Warrior? I truly believe that we are strong, admirable individuals who posses a strong desire to live. This is why we are out there living, even if it is one step at a time.

There are tons of pictures that can be taken at anytime on any day, so I try to only take a few memorable ones. Think of how nice it would be to not have a phone obstructing your view while your out in the world exploring.

SOCO FALLS CHEROKEE, N.C/Must hike down to this waterfall, slippery.
LOOKING GLASS FALLS, PISGAH NATIONAL FORREST N.C/ Paved walking trail to this waterfall
Quick stop to take in the earth around me.
Quick stop to take in the earth around me.

Tip: My backpack always has my cell phone, water, an inhaler (if you use one)dressing change kit, and an energy bar.

Laurel Creek Falls, Boone N.C
Laurel Creek Falls, Boone N.C Aug 2016/ Less than a mile hike


I am a 36 year old woman traveling this beautiful earth with Pulmonary Hypertension and sharing the experience.

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