Puerto Rico!!

Hey PAH Warriors,

As a commitment to this page I promised myself that I would update and post all of my travel adventures so that others with illnesses, specifically Pulmonary Hypertension, would feel support in their decision to venture out.

Puerto Rico had me at mojito. I started going back in the early 2000’s because tickets were so inexpensive and you do not need a passport to enter this U.S Province. I paid 500$ Round Trip and I split a condo that we found on  www.vrbo.com ( a site that allows private owners to rent their properties) with a group of couples. 1 week, an ocean front condo with a remarkable balcony view, only 250$. The rental car was $475. These numbers are important to share because of a lot of folks with PH are on a limited budget. When we arrived we bought groceries and cooked most of our meals at the condo. This freed up funds to do exciting things and forced us to return and rest in between our excursions. What did we do:

Went through a maze of palm trees!
Went through a maze of palm trees!
Found this cliff in Cabo Rojo and didn't dive off of it.
Found this cliff in Cabo Rojo and didn’t dive off of it.
Kayaked in the Bioluminescent Bay!
Kayaked in the Bioluminescent Bay!

I always make sure to look up the weather before leaving for the day before venturing out. Sometimes it’s safer to choose one excursion over the other, especially if it involves the ocean! Memory: Here I am in Puerto Rico on IV Remodulin, riding an ATV in the rainforest. I was completely distracted by iguanas and horses so I did not realize that I was hunched over my IV fanny pack. Apparenlty my buckle was hitting the stop button on my CADD Legacy pump the entire ride. We headed back to the condo for dinner and I am pale as a ghost and vomiting. When I checked my pump I noticed that it was COMPLETELY OFF! Worst night mare activated!

Just because one person with PH has a little more wiggle room to try things this may not be the case for you. You know yourself  very well and your limitations. Sometimes we want to be the people pleaser when we are in a large group, especially if we are the only one that is slowing them down. It’s not worth the trade off. Tip: Please don’t get to carried away, always check and double check your pump, site, meds. Without these essentials we would not be able to go out and enjoy ourselves.


I am a 36 year old woman traveling this beautiful earth with Pulmonary Hypertension and sharing the experience.

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  1. Hello. Just wanted to share with you the best of Europes festivals over the past few months. I have visited most of these in the past and I can assure you that they are great fun. Find time to enjoy life and attend some of these this year. Looking forward to some more interesting posts on the Marina de Bolnuevo blog (www.marinedebolnuevo.co.uk). Have a great day.

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