How do I exercise if I’m always sick?

Hey PAH Warriors,

So here’s the thing, we are all wearing different shoes and I can’t account for the tremendous differences between the degree of our illnesses when I refer to having energy or trying to exercise. One thing that we can all relate to is humanity and the will to survive. For instance, if you didn’t posses the will, the want or the way you would probably be on Netflix or Facebook instead of here looking for motivation. So congrats to you on step one, showing up:

Step One: Showing Up! You’re here and you care. Now what are you going to do about it?

It’s a tough love kind of world, and the years will fly by, the time to create beneficial change is now! Step two is acceptance.

Step Two: Focus on the things that you can do and accept the things that you can not. Allow your focus to be clear so you can continue to persevere and achieve your goals.

Once you’ve committed and accepted that you are different but still able, things will change inside you. You will wake up like a baby lion that wants to learn how to roar for the first time. We are resilient and have to adapt to the changes that each new PH therapy brings. Even those of us toting around IV pumps can workout and have weight loss goals and be successful at it. All of these changes start by you believing in your will, your want and your way. So what’s your personal plan?

Step Three: The plan! You’re plan may be someone else’s advice or something that worked for you in the past. Whatever it is, own it! Commit to it, because it has to work for you and not for the yoga master inside your T.V. Bottom line is that if you’re not grooving with it your probably going to abandon it the first day. Please be sure to follow your doctors advice when you are taking these steps.

Exercising w/ an IV Fanny pack
Exercising w/ an IV Fanny pack

I promised in my health post that I would attach a fitness pic from my slim and trim days to show you’ll what happens when you commit. I used to be 141 lbs. 5’3″ for years and couldn’t loose weight for the life of me. What I failed to realize is that I was living in fear of what I had been advised by my docs. Which was the basic “don’t do too much” line. That wasn’t working for me anymore and at that time I had also got dumped so I needed some major soul therapy. This was when Adele released her first album 19 and I had moved to a Loft Complex that had a climate controlled gym. YAAAAASSSS!!!! I put my Adele playlist on and walked into that gym with fury towards all of the things that I have been told that I CAN’T DO BECAUSE OF PAH. As of that day I said no more and never again since then.

I started light just stretching and toning and using free weights. I did all of the things that I learned in Yoga just so I looked like I knew what I was doing in the gym. I had my heart monitor on so I could keep an eye on my HR and Pulse Ox. Guess what? It worked. Everything that held me back for over 12 years with PAH had been set free because of a heartbreak, go figure. I use to cry with Adele and lift weights at the same time. I didn’t care what the people around me thought but I remember the feeling of liberation and strength all at once. I LOST 20 lbs and went from a size 6 to a size 2. I’ve done that twice in my life now and I am at it again. When I lose weight it’s not about making an impression for anyone but myself. I want to be proud of myself in the mirror and say, “Im going to live longer, and my heart will too!” You don’t have to loose as much as I did, sometimes I get carried away! There will be people that are negative and will try to slow down your positive progress. This is when you can make a change for the better in your complete and immediate life.

I didn’t always feel like going to the gym so I used a pre workout that was approved by my doctor. You have to be extra careful here y’all.

Mountain Biking In N.CTip: Your pre workout shouldn’t have a lot of caffeine or creatine. Too much caffeine combined with exercise can be bad for your heart and creatine causes the body to retain water. Look for a nitric oxide blend which allows more oxygen to travel to your muscles. Follow up with taking branched chain amino acids(BCAA). They are essential to your bodies recovery process. Please look up these things and learn for yourself. You will feel more confident about your decision to start a workout plan.

You’re living room can be your gym, its all about your attitude and commitment. Give yourself a break when you need to rest. Remember you do have a disease that will slow you down in between your workouts. Never push passed the feeling of light headedness or a tight chest or the heart rate that your doc recommends. Sometimes you will have to call it quits before your mind wants you to. Your will, your want, your way!!!


I am a 36 year old woman traveling this beautiful earth with Pulmonary Hypertension and sharing the experience.

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